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There are many reasons to oppose to the World Cup in Qatar. Below we elaborate on the three main reasons.

  1. The World Cup in Qatar is drenched in blood

    The main argument against the World Cup in Qatar is the systematic violation of workers' human rights. Thousands of migrant workers have died building the accommodations, and employees are exploited on a daily basis. Workers sleep on the floor, work in the scorching heat and are severely underpaid. Due to the Kafala system in Qatar, migrant workers the ‘property’ of a 'sponsor', which means basic work regulations do not apply to them. Hence, the Kafala system is seen as a form of modern slavery. Although Qatar has announced that the system has been abolished and that working conditions have improved, Amnesty International reported that some of these of reforms are being cut back.

  2. The World Cup in Qatar has been illegally obtained

    The second reason to object the World Cup is the proven bribery and corruption surrounding the Qatar bid. Qatar officials have been charged with buying votes and several FIFA members have been fired because of taking bribes. Because of this fraud, we are stuck with a World Cup that takes place in the winter in a country without decent football culture.

  3. The World Cup in Qatar hides discrimination against women and LGBTI people

    The situation of minorities in Qatar does not meet human rights standards. Women and LGBTI people are discriminated. Qatar is misusing football to polish its image and to divert international attention from this abuse. The World Cup in Qatar is a clear and blatant form of sportswashing.

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