About us

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Committee CancelQatar2022 is an occasional collective of three football fans, who do not watch as our beautiful game is spoiled by human rights violations, corrupt leaders in Qatar and by FIFA, which has dubiously awarded this World Cup to Qatar. We do not want to deprive players and viewers of the World Cup, but fight for mass resistance and measures so that the World Cup is moved to another country and justice is done to the many victims who have fallen in preparation for the World Cup Qatar. Now that this, unfortunately, no longer seems feasible, we call on to ignore the Qatar World Cup as much as possible in order to prevent a football party being celebrated on a mass grave. And we are focusing on an allocation procedure that ensures that there will never be a ‘Qatar World Cup’ again. We also have concrete plans to organize an alternative 2022 World Cup.

Hein Meurs, Jurryt van de Vooren, Teun Meurs