Since Qatar illegally won the right to host the World Cup, more and more evidence has come out that this event is morally wrong. There are many reasons why it is impossible to celebrate football in the Qatar, winter 2022. The three main reasons are the persistent violations of the most basic human rights; the proven corruption associated with the FIFA World Cup bid procedure; and the poor position of women and minorities in Qatar. But the World Cup in Qatar is also a travesty in other areas:

  • The impact on the climate due to artificial cooling of sweltering stadiums
  • The absence of a decent football culture makes these stadiums useless afterwards
  • The international football calendar is being turned upside down

Worldwide protests against the World Cup in Qatar have therefore grown steadily, especially after the terrible reports of thousands of dead migrant workers, the appalling working conditions and the dubious human rights situation. Footballers, clubs and supporters in Norway, Denmark and Germany are even calling for a boycott. In the Netherlands there is also great support for moving the World Cup from Qatar, even if this no longer seems feasible. The Committee Cancel Qatar 2022 wants to mobilize this resistance with the help of actions, campaigns and petitions, collecting all the arguments for this and taking all possible routes. It is not our intention to take away footballers from their World Cup. We want this World Cup to go ahead, but not at the expense of human dignity. Our petition has now been presented to the KNVB, together with other petitions. There were 20,000 signed copies. You can still sign this petition and join this growing coalition of football fans worldwide.